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SO the first part of my day started out pretty well, it's just that end that was really stressful. After school i went to my guidence counsler and we had a little meeting and he gave me all this college information and deadlines and stuff and it's kinda scarey. Later on i went out to dinner with laura and joey and everything was good and it was fun, but then i get out to my car and i put the key in and it just wont turn like it was locked or something and as of right now i still connot start my car,so it's sitting in the movie theater parking lot and now i'm all stressed because i don't know if it's gonna like start tomorrow or something or what and i don't know how i'm gonna get around and to school and stuff,ughh.uneeded stress. Whatever,i just keep thinking about how much fun i hope i will be having at the durhamn fair and it calms my mind..
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I just got home from my first threepenny rehearsal! I loved it! This show is going to be so much fun and it's gonna be soo hot! it's gonna be a challenge,but crazy fun! Tomorrow are auditions for fall show at school.At first i was unsure if i actually wanted to do it,but now that i really think about it,if i don't then ill be missing out,and it's my senior year!Which by the way isn't going that great.I hate being in the new school,i don't know where anything is,i litterely just walk around in hope of finding my class. Also, underclassmen can now get late arrival and early dismissal,and they have been sitting out in the senior courtyard,and the administration doesn't do anything about it!ah!anyways,in other news i'm getting so excited for fall and my birthday and stuff like that! I'm really happy right now! other than not really likeing my senior year so far life's going pretty good.
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I got Mr.Peachum!
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I'm so mad that i failed my license test.It sucks.
..whatever i'm taking it again next month,and i really hope i pass this time.
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AH!it's finally vacation!i'm loving it!
Last night was like the busest ever at the movies,i wanted to die!
I wanna hangout with soo many people!
let's see there's..
and tons of others!
i love all my friends,they are perfect!
i hope vacation is amazing and relaxing!
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yay!i'm ryan i'm ryan i'm ryan!
even though it's double cast,whatever.i'm over it.
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Can i just say that i'm like freaking out!I need the freaking cast lists to be posted NOW!
Gah!i wanna be ryan so bad.I've never like freaked out about a part this much,it's crazyy!
I have a feeling that joey might be ryan though.If he does ill be happy for him,ill be disappointed that i didn't get it but ill get it over it.Hopefully these lists will be up tomrrow!Auditions were almost a week ago!call backs were monday!which by the way i feel confident about so that makes me feel a little better,but you never really know.well untill those lists..
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So i got in trouble.
my mom found vodka and beer in my room.
well actually my cousin found it when fixing our heaters and then ratted me out to my mom.what a great cousin right?
anyway,now i can't go to the cast party.
this sucks..
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This weekend was wonderful!It was everything i needed.

On friday,i came home from school and just relaxed,and then i bought some weed,and then i went to susie's party.It was pretty fun,i enjoyed myself.I just wish that Joanna didn't forget about the party,because then we would have had more alcohol.but whatever,not a big deal.we still had some,and i got to smoke,so it was all good.

On saturday i went home and cleaned and then i had to go to chavez rehersal from 1-4,but surprisingly it wasn't that bad.After that i came back home and cleaned up a bit more,and then i got ready for my party.AH i had soo much fun.i love partiess!I loved everyone who was there,and made it amazing.i love playing beer pong,and smoking out of crazy weird log/lizard bowls,and kissing other drunk people,and having crazy fun orgies in the dark!It was perfect!

Today i recovered from my weekend,and sang at a wedding for chorus,it was alright,eh i guess.

Now,i really wanna go to bed,so i think that's what im gonna do.Also i'm so not looking forward to this week.I have a detention on tuesday,and i have to work on monday and wensday,and i have rehersal on tuesday and thursday,and i have to memorize like all of my lines,and do 3 health projects,and we have quarterlies this week.err.busy busy busy.
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